Types of coffee

Coffee Cherry  Tea

Cherry-colored coffee tea (sun-dried in natural highlands).
The coffee tea is handmade from the peel of the Janson Geisha fruit. It has a sweet floral taste, a mirror image of the hibiscus scent. Coffee tea is a powerful antioxidant and has a small amount of caffeine. This is the rarest Geisha coffee tea for you and your health. This absolutely pure product is made exclusively in a natural way and has a natural sweetness.

Janson Geisha

Geisha is a varietal Arabica that has brought Panama worldwide recognition as one of the finest premium coffees. It is considered "Coffee Champagne". Geisha has a unique taste with jasmine aroma, citrus flavor and some honey. We are pleased to offer this rare coffee for your enjoyment!

Geisha Natural

Geisha Arabica from special plantations and the best areas of coffee harvested and processed exclusively by hand in small quantities and only in a natural way. Special care and hard manual labor are required to obtain this rare coffee. The processing of coffee in a natural way gives it a fruity aroma and increases the sweetness.
Very rare and very good coffee!

Janson Family

This 100% Arabica is specially grown, processed and roasted on a farm in the highlands of Panama's volcanic mountains. Processed with the best traditional methods, including sun drying, to make this superb coffee. Hand-selected only premium beans and micro-roasted in limited quantities to ensure only the freshest coffee in your cup.

Janson Green Geisha

Janson Green Geisha & Janson Green Geisha Natural green unroasted coffee of manual assembly and primary processing. Special storage. Supplied in sealed bags.