Region: Volcano, Panama
Varieties: Geisha, Catuai, Burbon, Caturra
Altitude: 1450 -1750 meters
Roasting: within 90 - 62 according to the Agtron system

Definitions and concepts:

Agtron system

A device that determines the degree of roasting by measuring the reflection in a narrow range of the light spectrum. The degree of roast is closely related to the flavor characteristics of the roasted coffee. Acidity, aroma, taste are all consequences of roasting and the device of the Agtron system is one of the most important in the coffee industry. To give an example and understanding of roast values: Very Light Roast = 85 Agtron and Dark Roast = 55 Agtron.

Color spectrum

The color of the coffee determines its roast level. A lighter color means lightly roasted coffee, while a darker color means more roast.

Process of natural processing of coffee

Natural manual coffee processing, drying in the sun with pulp and husk. Without the use of mechanisms in the processing and drying process.

coffee washing process

Wet processing using running water and mechanisms to remove the husk and pulp before drying.

Coffee LOT

Coffee LOT identifies the date and location where the coffee was at the time of harvest. LOT may have different series depending on the first, second, third, etc. harvest batches at harvest time. As a rule, the first batches are not as good as the last ones, since the last batches are harvested the latest and ripen the slowest, while getting the maximum density.